The capability needed for the future

The future in which our students will live is unpredictable and uncertain. We do not know what skills will be important there. We believe that 'non-cognitive abilities' are the skills needed to adapt to any environment and build a happy life.

Fortunately, non-cognitive abilities can be developed at any stage. However, in order to develop them effectively, it is necessary to know your current state and work towards a goal.

The assessment tool "Ai GROW" enables visualization of such abilities, including non-cognitive abilities. It provides objective data by incorporating not only self-evaluation, but also the evaluations from  friends who spend time with the student, and by using AI to correct for the biases that are inherent in these evaluations.

Not only can growth be monitored by taking "Ai GROW" regularly, but the educational effects of the programs can also be visualized by comparing scores before and after the program.



AiGROW Overview

What is Ai GROW?

Ai GROW is an evaluation tool that visualizes the personality and competencies of individual students. By incorporating mutual evaluation among  friends, Ai GROW enables the visualization of capabilities, including non-cognitive abilities that are difficult to quantify.

Furthermore, the AI analyzes the results of each evaluator's evaluation and corrects for biases such as lenient or harsh evaluations, enabling Ai GROW to provide reliable and objective data on non-cognitive abilities and their growth.

✔️ Competencies(Capabilities) can be selected from a list of 25 items to accommodate differences in cultural backgrounds and the capabilities each school wants to nurture

✔️ Results are available immediately upon completion of the evaluation, allowing for feedback and program improvement without a time lag

✔️ Ai GROW can be taken as many times a year as you wish (takes about 10 business days to set up)

✔️ Ai  GROW can be taken anytime, anywhere, so there is no need to take it all at the same time


How to Evaluate


▲Personality Diagnosis(IAT※)
※ Method measures the examinee's potential attitude /
most scientifically validated method of temperament diagnosis.


Operate the screen of a smartphone or tablet with your finger. Play a game to determine temperament by matching the words displayed at the bottom of the screen to the choices displayed at the top of the screen.In addition to the number of errors and the time it takes to answer, AI accurately determines temperament by analyzing the examinee's finger movements in 1/1000th of a second.


▲360° Competency Evaluation

The method of self-assessment and peer assessment is the same. In addition to the self-assessment, the examinee conducts an assessment of three friends. A probability model is used to calculate the examinee's competency score.


All evaluations will be conducted on smartphones or tablets.


How to utilize Ai GROW

Feedback for teachers

As soon as the evaluation is completed, all results can be viewed in real time through the management portal, making it possible to provide guidance the next day.


Feedback for students

Personal reports can be viewed immediately after the evaluation is completed. You can check your own strengths, how your strengths are changing and growing, and the differences between your friends' and your own evaluations.


Utilization image

Since Ai GROW can be taken as many times as needed in a year, we recommend to  follow a PDCA cycle, taking Ai GROW before and after programs that nurture non-cognitive abilities according to their own schedule, and improving their educational programs by checking changes in the  results.


The importance of non-cognitive skills is growing in Japan, and the number of schools adopting the service is increasing every year. In the four years since the service was launched, the number of schools that have adopted the service has exceeded 300, and the number of students has grown to over 160,000. The service has also been selected for consecutive years for the "Classroom of the Future(learning innovation)," a demonstration project of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

Its use is expanding overseas as well, including joint research with ADB and ERIA and verification of the effectiveness of global companies' educational activities on a global scale.



Please feel free to contact us for any inquiry. We can respond to inquiries in English or Japanese.



What is your customer support system?
We will prepare materials and conduct explanatory meetings as needed. We will also assign an English-speaking Customer Success Department representative to assist you with any questions you may have.

What are the minimum requirements?
An internet environment and a smartphone or tablet (iOS 10.0 or later/iPad OS 13.0 or later) for each student.

How do you manage the data?
We follow the Japanese Personal Information Protection Law.


Voice of users

I often get nervous at events, but I was convinced by the high "Neuroticism" score on the personality diagnosis. I have come to think that I can deal with my nervousness better, and recently I don't worry about it so much anymore.

I have been trying to improve my logicality, which was pointed out as lacking in my previous projects, and my recent results show that I have improved my ability in this area. I was very happy to see my efforts visualized.


Voice of a student

Students seem to be getting to know their abilities, think about what actions are necessary to develop them, and think about what they should do in their daily school life, especially when tackling things they are not good at.

Even in situations where they would have previously concluded that there is no point in trying if they can't achieve results,  they are now able to tackle their daily tasks by thinking that it is meaningful to develop their abilities in their efforts to achieve results.


Voice of a teacher

Some grades showed significant growth in scores, while others showed little growth, and our analysis revealed that the number of opportunities for outside interactions differed. We are planning to improve our program by increasing the number of interactions with outside parties.

We also use "Ai GROW" in meetings with parents. One of the important roles of teachers is to serve as a bridge between parents and students, and "Ai GROW" has enabled us to communicate how students spend time with their friends at school, what abilities and strengths they are able to demonstrate, and how they are recognized by others. 

Voice of a teacher